January 28, 2021

Dear Partners:

On behalf of everyone in our organization, we hope you are staying safe and guarded in these precarious times. There seems to be a light at the end of tunnel.

Our prayers for the victims & their loved ones, the front-line warriors who risk their own lives to protect ours. Our hats off to everyone in our communities who have withstood all adversities to withstand the global impact of all types in this crisis.

As we mentioned in the last update, we are exercising great caution along all phases of supply chain, to ensure your products reach you in time without any major disturbances. We understand our special responsibility as a critical infrastructure industry to collaborate with our food, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical supply partners.

We have already mentioned the SOP protocols we have adapted in order to handle the current situation, Perhaps, this is the new norm that will stay with us in terms of safeguards and practices.

I am pleased to inform that we are operating at full schedule, and we do not anticipate any major disruptions to supply chain.

However, we urge you to plan for  contingency periods of 10 days in your delivery schedules, since the regulatory guidelines and mandates are fluid and keep shifting.

We realize that this will be a slow and challenging period for all of us, as we begin to define and forge a new normal. We will all work through this by maintaining strength of spirit and commitment.

My grandfather used to tell me, “Calm seas never made expert sailors”. Together, we will come out of this stronger and better prepared for the future.

We are pleased to inform you that to further our sustainability goals, we have introduced applications of recyclable packaging materials in various segments along with PCR materials in our supply chain.       If you are interested in partnering with us to further your environmental and sustainability initiative, please give us an opportunity to discuss with you, how we can collaborate on it.

Despite the current challenging period, our Flat Bottom pouch introduction has been received positive response in the marketplace,  along with the spout pouches. we further expanded multiple closure systems across the product line.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how best we can align with you in these circumstances.

With our best wishes for your safety and wellbeing.

Manny Patel.