Our drive in the new Millenium


SunFlex views a satisfied customer as its top priority. It is our commitment to strengthen our business by earning our customer’s trust & confidence.

In addition, we consistently monitor the ever-changing flexible packaging trends in the market in order to adapt and meet the customers’ changing needs if required.

We will engage all resources available to bring Products & Services in a timely, reliable, and cost effective manner.


SunFlex’s strength is its technical capabilities, which are demonstrated in its products and support services. These include:

  • Highly qualified and trained support staff available to answer and resolve any customer questions, concerns or issues
  • State of the art Test and Verification equipment enhancing Quality Control
  • Innovative solutions created for individual customer packaging needs
  • Technical Support provided for the entire product portfolio


A team of highly skilled, dedicated and professional individuals comprises the workforce at SunFlex Packagers, Inc and it’s conglomerate. These form a team that prides in itself to meet any and all different requirements of our customers. High performance is the benchmark in all processes, which is reflected in the quality of the end products and services.


SunFlex Packagers, Inc continually adjusts its Business Dynamics to the ever-changing needs of the market, to optimize its resource utilization for creating new ideas for value engineering across the spectrum of our business activities.

Client Testimonials

“Over the past 15 years, we have been striving to create a loyal base of market partners who have helped us to grow and we will gladly furnish you with testimonials of clients who vouch for us”