Research & Development

Current efforts focused on developments in Polymer technology & applications packaging.

SunFlex Packagers, Inc and its partners actively participate in exchange and training programs with reputed industry leaders including Dupont, Exxon/Mobil, SPA, ICI, and Honeywell to study and implement the latest technological advancements in the flexible packaging industry.


Effective adaptation of GMP in our entire manufacturing process guarantee:

  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Efficient line control management
  • Quality in our products
  • Minimizing wastage and reduced labor cost allowing for Cost competitiveness
  • Optimal lead-times
  • Overall improvement in organizational efficiencies

Supply Chain

Ever fluctuating trends in the market requires continual & dynamic changes to the supply chain module. SunFlex will work with you, to identify your procurement patterns needs and will plan accordingly to manage & maintain – feed stock & gate stock to create all JIT supply chain soution model designed to work for you.